UpFront Mobile Application

This project is a proposed solution for RSA Design Awards (Citizens as Shapers). It is a group project done with the help of my classmates (Yixuan, Vanessa and Shree). As the UI/UX in-charge of this project, I designed the UI elements, layout and interaction for the overall look and feel of the mobile app.

In Singapore, Youths lack literacy in party politics and rarely engaged in political debates due to the absence of relevant knowledge. Many become apathetic with vastly different social concerns and the lack of an outlet to voice their opinion making it harder to involve and empower youths in civic discussions.


Our application aim to educate, inform and create a debate culture amongst the youth aged 18-25. The app will guide youths on Singapore policies by connecting them to their areas of concerns while promoting active citizenry by expanding debate boundaries beyond parliament and updating them on current political news, bridging the gap between ministers and the common folk.

Through street intercept surveys conducted in various institutes and online questionnaires amongst our target group, we found out that (percentage) youths rank themselves in 2-3 out of 5 in terms of their level of awareness about politics.

When asked about social issues that concerned them, their response tends to be me-centric? Perspectives from professionals differed greatly, we learned that the youths speak in a different language and their issues are really different from what’s being discussed in parliament.


We are hoping to build an attractive app available on all devices, mobile and will generate data and provide the user with information about the political discourse in Singapore. This app will be interactive and allow the user to vote on policies, look up on current affairs, take part in debates and also access archives to understand the history of not only their locality but their country.


Apart from the usual newsfeed, we allow customizations according to the interest of each youth. This greatly enhances user experience as they can choose to see what they want to see and block out content that is irrelevant to them. To target wordy long post, we are using an Artificial Intelligence technology known as Natural Language Processing to draw content from parliament debates and information from the parliament’s website. The content will be summarized to simple key points which are easy to read.