FYP Research Website (Filter Bubbles)

For my dissertation research, I am looking into how personalized information filtering systems used by social media may contribute to the spread of misinformation among Singaporean youths. It focuses on issues pertaining to confirmation bias and filter bubbles prevalent in social media platforms. This research will further investigate the ethical issues of information filtering systems and the challenges faced in breaking filter bubbles in order to come up with an effective non-evasive design solution.

We are tasked to come up with a creative representation of our dissertation topic for studio project using a variety of mediums that can include 2D, 3D works. I decided to come up with a research website and use gifs to represent some of the complex terms used for better understanding. Along with the my primary research done for my target audience through quantitative and qualitative methods, I represented them into personas which are included in the research website as well.

You can view the live website here: http://filteringbias.com


Target Audience Page

Secondary Research Page

Case Studies Page